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we were very fortunate to have Terry as our sitter

Terry’s the best! Our little ones are very special to us and we were very fortunate to have Terry as our sitter while in the Leander/Cedar Park area.  She was the only option for us when it came to watching our babies when we had to leave them when we traveled.  She was very loving and kept us updated with every visit.  I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to leave their pets at home instead on kenneling them.


Teri & Joe B. - Cedar Park / Leander

highly recommend them for all of your pet sitting needs. We love them!!!!

I have two rescues, Baxter and Bentley, who are like children with fur to me. Figuring out what to do with them when I needed to be out of town was always a dilemma. They were not accustomed to being crated or caged, so most boarding facilities seemed too confining and stressful (as well as too expensive). Then I discovered Little Buddies---a definite answer to my prayer. Terry has provided outstanding professional pet sitting for my "boys" on numerous occasions when I was away. She came to the house to meet me and the dogs, and to check out the house prior to the 1st visit. Little Buddies is incredibly loving and gentle, giving lots of belly rubs, treats, and pets. Safety is a big priority and they also pick up newspapers, water plants, get the mail or anything else that needs attention while I am away. I have total confidence in the services that Little Buddies provides and highly recommend them for all of your pet sitting needs. We love them!!!!

Kendra J. - Cedar Park

I NEVER have to worry

"Little Bit"

Terry has taken care of my animals for years. I don’t know of another person with such a love for animals and because Terry is very thorough and detail oriented I have no doubts that my instructions will be followed to the letter. I NEVER have to worry when she’s taking care of my pets that something will go undone. I know my home is safe and she is very security conscious. If one of my animals were ever to get sick, or something else was to arise, I have complete faith in her judgment to handle the situation. When I go away, sometimes I cannot even be reached by phone, and I have complete peace of mind.


Denise L. - Leander

warm, genuine, and most importantly, extremely detail oriented and responsible.

We feel so fortunate to have found Terry. I was impressed from our first conversation over the phone, and even more so when I met her in person. She is warm, genuine, and most importantly, extremely detail oriented and responsible. I had no qualms leaving our 2 older kitties and home in her care. She thinks of every little thing, and obviously puts tremendous care into her work. It is clear that she loves animals; I know that our pets are well cared for and safe under her warm, meticulous care. It was wonderful to get detailed updates about the visit via text while we were gone so that we felt connected. I feel so grateful to have found her, and can now travel with peace of mind.

Natasha B. – Leander

always dependable and our pets love her!


Terry at Little Buddies has taken care of our pets for years. We take several vacations a year as well as a number of weekend get-aways and we always know that our dog and cats will be well cared for and loved while we are gone. And when we are away from home for almost two weeks, it is good to know that someone we trust will be coming by everyday in case anything unexpected happens. We know we can rely on her judgement in case of an emergency. She is always dependable and our pets love her!

Patricia H. – Leander

trustworthy, very caring and dependable


Little Buddies did an excellent job taking care of my pet, Lover Boy. It made me feel so good knowing that he was being well taken care of and that he would have some “people contact” while I was away for the Holidays. Terry loves animals. She is trustworthy, very caring and dependable. All qualities that are needed in trusting someone to watch your loved companion, not to mention to take care of your home while you’re away. I’ll use Little Buddies in the future, no doubt!

Reni J. – North Austin

without question, the best pet sitter


Terry is, without question, the best pet sitter with whom we have worked. She is extremely detail-oriented and conscientious, and genuinely loves animals. Whenever we have gone out of town, I always feel so relieved to know that somebody so responsible is caring for our beloved cats. Without fail, Terry makes sure to stay in touch with us, and everything is always in perfect order when we return. Moreover, Terry is great with special requests, commits everything to writing, and enables us to feel confident about being away from our four-legged children. I really can’t recommend her highly enough.

Michelle K. – Leander